Friday, January 7, 2011

Chadwick shawl

Stephen West's pattern Chadwick is a new favorite of mine. This is how my Chadwick looks:

007 Chadwick shawl
012 Chadwick shawl017 Chadwick shawl016 Chadwick shawl

The shawl consists of a clever design that juxtaposes two colors. Mine are BLUE HONEY and MELON:

BLUE HONEY is a color changing cotton yarn that gradually changes from blue to topaz to cigar. 019 BLUE HONEY swatch
MELON is, well, melon. It is a single color cotton yarn that provides the contrast to BLUE HONEY. 042 b MELON

I shortened section II of the pattern to 11 inches (rather than 12) and was able to complete the shawl with one 50 gr skein of BLUE HONEY and MELON each. The yarn is available in the shop.


  1. What a cool shawl! It really shows off the color change in a different way.

  2. I have West's book (love it) and have enjoyed looking at a number of Chadwick shawls -- yours is one of the nicest I've seen. GREAT color choices.

    Ravelry: LeeBernstein

  3. Isn't Stephen Wests' stuff just AWESOME? I finished a Herbivore the other night, and I have a Daybreak on the needles! I want to do some mitts by him next. Ooo, I should make something of his in yarn by you! With your twin powers combined it would be AWESOMENESS!

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