Sunday, June 6, 2010


Summer is here. How about some LEMONADE?

This is the newest colorway now available at Wolle's Yarn Creations. It is a 4-ply light fingering yarn that gradually changes colors.

The three colors are orange, yellow, and lemon - three subtle tones that blend harmoniously into each other.
005 LEMONADE I & II002 LEMONADE swatch

Jeansy Green Summer Top

I finished my Jeansy Green Summer Top. It is a straight forward, easy knit: from the top down, all in one piece, without any seams.

013 Jeansy Green Top015 Jeansy Green Top005 JEANSY GREEN I + II

Yarn: Two skeins of Wolle's Yarn Creations' 6-ply yarn
Colorway: Jeansy Green
Pattern: "Easy Does It" by Doreen L Marquart (published in: Top Down Sweaters)
Needles: 4mm or US #6
Size: medium (bust size 40)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cappuccino, Sorbet, Sanibel

Here are some colorways that have made it into the shop lately:

This is a 4-ply yarn (light fingering weight) with a yardage of 480 yds/100 gr. The colors change gradually from light beige to medium to dark brown - just like a cup of coffee into which you slowly pour milk...

Then there is SORBET.
Another 4-ply yarn available in 100 gr skeins (480 yds). This one is really yummy: colors change from a mauve/strawberry-red to lemon yellow to lime green. Looking at this color makes me want to head to the next ice cream store. I don't have a swatch to show yet but a shawl is in the works. Pictures coming soon.

And here is SANIBEL.
It has been a few years since I last visited Sanibel Island, FL and the place might have changed by now, but somehow these colors reminded me of that cute little island. This colorway is available as 50 gr skeins (240 yds/50 gr); it is also a light fingering weight 4-ply yarn. A swatch is in my to do-queue... :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wildlife in the Desert

Hubby shared his lunch with this little fella. That little guy knew exactly what to do with almonds and walnuts.
022 Red Rock Cayon

Desert or not, we saw some nice flowers and cacti.
024 Red Rock Cayon030 Red Rock Cayon036 Red Rock Cayon

Red Rock Canyon

While in Las Vegas, we visited Red Rock Canyon. What a treat!! Totally astonishing. I could have stayed there all day looking at those amazing rock formations.

006 Red Rock Cayon003 Red Rock Cayon012 Red Rock Canyon013 Red Rock Canyon032 Red Rock Canyon033 Red Rock Canyon